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The tassel is a type of leather is very soft and fluffy, with the natural surface and not covered with a film or films that hide the "grain" that is typical of the animal from which it comes (full-grain leather aniline or semi-aniline, based colored of aniline or colorless, but without pigments, or with little pigment).

Nappa leather for clothing
Our work on "sheep nappa" is of particular value because the sheepskin, for their natural structure, are well suited to the production of this type and versatility for different types of packages (clothing, footwear, coatings, etc.. ).

Pigmented leathers and skins painted
The pigmented leathers, painted and printed, from sheep or cattle, can also be produced according to customer's specific requirements. Today the finishing applied to the skin are the result of a series of complex chemical and mechanical treatments.

Printed leathers
The combination of different types of finishing and the use of different techniques, combined in various ways, have allowed the imagination of engineers finishing the production of different skins, and with special effects, unimaginable until a few years ago, skillfully used by designers and fashion professionals for their creations.